Fa Fa Twins Slots

The Fa Fa Twins appear in the slot of the same name, but is the twin theme a clue to what might happen if you play? We wanted to know the answer, so we loaded the demo from Betsoft to find out more about it. And here we have the facts about the game, revealed…

What's the format of the Fa Fa Twins game?

You have five reels to spin, and since all potential winning combinations are included, there are 243 ways involved.

Betting options in the slot game

Coins range from two cents each up to one dollar. You can also consider using between one and five coins on each payline.

Are there any surprises in the special icon region of the game?

The game logo appears as the wild symbol. This replaces everything too, so it's powerful to find. The game does not include a scatter symbol.

The twins appear too, both on the same symbol. This is the best paying icon in the game.

Get set for some Dual Reels to appear

The lack of a scatter means there are no free games to find. Nor can you expect any respins of certain reels. However, there is a Dual Reels element that comes into play on every spin.

You are guaranteed to have between two and five reels linked on each spin. These are adjacent reels. They will always show the same icons in the same positions. Depending on where the reels are positioned and which symbols land on them, it can potentially increase the odds of or even guarantee a prize or two.

Every spin has some potential to offer in the Fa Fa Twins slot game

Indeed, it does, with a great opportunity for you to watch closely as the reels get spinning. The twins are great to find if you can, but the game logo holds a vital role here. To see the reels in action - and to see how they link with each other - try the practice version from Betsoft to examine it more closely. Could this be a new and fascinating find in the world of slots? You'll soon know for sure.