Emoji Planet Slots

Emoji Planet by NetEnt takes on the appearance of an old-school game while adding in a collection of symbols that all have the fun look of phone emojis. It’s positively charming and it uses a theme that you won’t find on many other slot games. It’s these two benefits that make this slot game worth trying out and it really manages to stand out from the other game’s we’ve tried in the past. Below is what we think about Emoji Planet, and don’t worry, we won’t hold anything back!

Win With Blocks of Symbols

We love the way that paying symbol combinations works in Emoji Planet. Instead of trying to get winning symbols on the same paylines, this slot uses a simple grid setup. You need to get blocks of symbols instead of lines of them. Anytime you have two symbols that are adjacent to one another, they are part of a block. Blocks can go in multiple directions, as long as they are all connected with symbols that are facing one another. Blocks can’t continue through diagonals. To get a win you need a block of at least 5 symbols and it’s possible to get a block as large as 30 blocks at the same time. That is achievable by getting all 30 of the same symbol in the grid, which would pay out very nicely indeed.

Winning Opportunities

The most valuable symbol that you’ll encounter in this slot game is the crying symbol with laughter. This symbol is worth up to 10,000 coins if you manage to fill up the entire grid with that same symbol. Even a single block of 5 of these symbols will reward you with 40 coins, which is twice your spin value, whatever amount you are spinning.

Five Different Special Features

There are five different special features for you to shoot for when you play Emoji Planet. You can trigger any of these features by getting enough prize payouts from the matching symbols. For instance, get enough prize winning combinations with the pizza emojis and you’ll get the pizza bonus round to trigger. The same can be said for any of the other bonus options and they are all tracked separately.

The first feature is the bomb, and when you get enough bomb symbols you’ll trigger a special bomb that blows up 8 random symbols, triggering payouts from each one of up to 100 coins. After the symbols blow up they leave behind spaces that are filled in with additional symbols.

Next is the pizza feature. This special feature puts out a 3x3 grid of all matching symbols somewhere randomly on the grid of symbols. This gives you a minimum of a 9 symbol win and can result in much bigger wins if luck is on your side.

The Lipstick Kiss puts three sticky wilds on the reels and they will remain in place for as long as 3 wins. They will slowly wear out until they eventually disappear.

During the rocket bonus feature a rocket flies up through a random column, leaving behind 10 wild symbols that stretch up and above the reel that you’re playing on. That means that you get a full line of wilds for your first turn, and another set of wilds will fall down for the second turn as well, maximizing your opportunity to win.

The last feature is the two hearts feature. When you get enough two heart symbols you’ll trigger a 2x multiplier for any wins that you get for a short period of time after you trigger the bonus. Each additional time that you trigger this bonus during your play session with Emoji Planet, you’ll add an additional 1x to that multiplier for more potent wins.

The most exciting part of these special features is that you can trigger multiple features at the same time, and it’s actually pretty common to do just that. That means you could end up unlocking some impressive wins from the slot by getting two, three or even more bonuses going at the same time.

Emoji Planet is a unique slot game that has a lot going for it. It works different than probably any other slot game you’ve played in the past, it pays out a bunch of money if you can get a good symbol combination, and the slot game offers countless ways to win with each round that you play through.