ChilliPop Slots

ChilliPop Slots

Choosing chillies as a theme is something we didn't think we'd see, but we're glad Betsoft went for this option. Yes, you can count on the experience of the Betsoft team to bring you an entertaining game here, so let's dive in and see what's involved.

Checking on the reels and lines appearing in the Chilli Pop slot

Expect the familiar 5 x 3 game to begin with, although there is some potential to make the field bigger later, as you'll soon see. You are playing for cluster pays here, too, so there are no paylines anywhere.

Expect a 50x multiplier to play the game

This means the smallest coin, a cent, gives you a 50-cent minimum bet. You can choose from other coins as well, so if you want to bet more you can do so.

Can you spot a pinata on the reels?

You will hope so because this pinata is a substitute symbol. The only symbol you cannot replace it with is the mule, as that behaves as a scatter. Take note that the wilds can offer multipliers should two or more turn up.

Chilli Pop gets explosive…

Whenever you land a winning cluster, it will explode. You know what happens next - the symbols above the vacated spots will drop into them, and more will appear to fill the vacated spots left by those. If this triggers another winning cluster, the process will carry on until there are no new prizes.

Find three mules to get five free spins, with more spins available for more mules. The best outcome is 26 spins for landing a mule in all 15 positions.

Once you're into these games, you need to collect all the mules you can find. With five collected, you'll increase the reel size. Collect more and you can expand it still further, with the ultimate reel set measuring 8 x 8 icons. This means you've got a better chance of bigger cluster pays formats.

Get underway with some Chilli Pop action courtesy of Betsoft

This is quirky and it contains some excellent features we know you'll love. Start with the demo if you can, since this gives you a chance to experience how it all works.