Gemini Joker Slots

Gemini Joker suggests we might be seeing some twins during this slot. Where does the joker fit in though? We had those exact thoughts when we found this Betsoft slot game, so allow us to reveal all in our review.

It's about all the fives in Gemini Joker

This means you get five reels and five paylines - rather fewer lines than we thought there could be.

Does the lower line count make it much cheaper to play?

The smallest wager is 10 cents, which means you're betting two cents per line. The biggest bet is way higher at $200 per spin.

Does the Gemini Joker slot include some special icons?

There's a red joker popping up as a wild here… but it is revealed to be one of two. The other wild is a gold joker, and this carries a 2x prize multiplier along with it.

Can you expect some bonus possibilities to appear?

You can, with a twin reel feature tying into the title. The idea is to land the same symbols in position on reels one and two. Should this occur, they will stay in place while the remaining three reels spin again for free. This gives you a chance of one or more prizes depending on what lands on those other reels.

The game also includes a Multiplier Wheel. However, to get it, you need to land the same symbol (it could be anything) in all available positions on the five reels. The wheel then shows up and you can take a spin of it to find a prize multiplier of between 2x and 10x. This is applied to the prize won by filling the reels with the symbol found.

We haven't mentioned free games yet, but that's because there are none in this game.

Is Gemini Joker worth a try?

Since it hails from Betsoft, it comes with a practice option to select if you want to see it in action. This should reveal all you need to know about the game. You can then decide whether to play for real. Gemini Joker certainly has some twists we weren't expecting, so maybe you'll feel the same.